AMAR IT: A Cutting-Edge Full-Stack ISP Platform


AMAR IT stands as a testament to modern modular design, setting high standards for ISP platforms. The inclusion of JWT authentication and Stripe payment processing ensures a secure and seamless user experience.

Demo Credentials

  • Super Admin:
    • Username: super_admin
    • Password: 123456
  • Admin:
    • Username: admin123
    • Password: 123456
  • Customer:
    • Username: customer1
    • Password: 123456



Users can:

  • Experience a beautiful and responsive landing page
  • Log in and sign up using a username and password
  • Choose a service and make payments securely via Stripe
  • View booking status and details in the dashboard
  • Cancel or reschedule bookings conveniently from the dashboard
  • Access and update profile details within the dashboard

Super Admins can:

  • Manage admins and their permissions
  • Administer services, bookings, and customers
  • Control content on the landing page
  • Manage their own profile

Admins can:

  • Administer services, bookings, and customers
  • Control content on the landing page
  • Manage their own profile

Future Improvements

While AMAR IT is designed with excellence in mind, there are opportunities for further enhancement:

  • Implement automated testing for enhanced reliability
  • Add ticketing features to the dashboard for improved customer support
  • Introduce service feedback features for user engagement
  • Incorporate live notifications to keep users informed
  • Implement role-based permissions for a more granular access control system

Built With

AMAR IT sets a new standard in ISP platforms, combining cutting-edge technologies with user-centric features. Dive into the future of web applications with AMAR IT!

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Kamrul Saad is a professional web developer with a passion for the MERN stack and WordPress. With over 2 years of experience, he crafts seamless digital experiences that blend creativity and functionality. Beyond coding, he explores the realms of digital marketing, seamlessly integrating strategies to enhance brand visibility.
Kamrul Saad
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