Saad Photography – Capturing Moments, Creating Memories


Welcome to Saad Photography, a bespoke single photography service provider website dedicated to capturing moments and creating lasting memories.

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  • Github Repo: Delve into the GitHub repository for this project.

Home Page Preview

My Process

I meticulously crafted this website in line with the provided requirements, ensuring an immersive and user-friendly experience.

Built With

  • react, react-dom
  • react-router
  • firebase
  • react-firebase-hooks
  • tailwindCSS
  • tw-elements
  • react-toastify
  • Utilized react-hooks-form


Users can:

  • Explore a visually appealing home page
  • Log in using Google or Facebook accounts
  • Create an account with an email and password
  • Receive email for email verification and password resetting
  • Navigate seamlessly through different pages for a great user experience
  • Accept terms and conditions when creating an account

Capture the essence of every moment with Saad Photography!

About author


Kamrul Saad is a professional web developer with a passion for the MERN stack and WordPress. With over 2 years of experience, he crafts seamless digital experiences that blend creativity and functionality. Beyond coding, he explores the realms of digital marketing, seamlessly integrating strategies to enhance brand visibility.
Kamrul Saad
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